Friday, March 9, 2012

Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne has some very interesting information about hotels in Newcastle, it also gives you the most upto date information regarding the Tyne Bridge and Angel of the North.

Take a look and see for yourself.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Limosuines in Newcastle

I went out to the Theatre Royal last week, it was a really good time having a look around Newcastle city centre first and then turning up in style with a stretched limo.

I really wanted to drive down Northumberland Street, don't think the driver was too happy when I asked, but the price of limos I thought I'd try to get my money's worth.

If you want to find out about limos try Newcastle Limos

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eldon Square

What do you think of the new Eldon Square, yeah fair enough its been new for about a year now but one of my best visits today as I saw it in full glory.

Its turning more like the metro centre with those little desks popped about the place, but still makes you think that Eldon Square is moving forward and providing you with a little bit more.

I go to Eldon Leisure a lot, its the only place I feel secure when training due to the security guards walking around the place, fair enough mainly in the Square but sometimes in the Leisure part too.

I hope they do more with the place, especially with the Tesco and Poundland down below, be good for them to revamp the full place to maximise space.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

North East England weather chaos

During the heavy snow that covered North East England, it was refreshing to see how the local councils held back grit and also workers, especially at Newcastle City Council where some workers were bragging about staying in the canteen playing cards while the rest of us struggled to make our way to and from work.

In Heaton, several roads were highly dangerous to walk & drive upon, no grit and not a single shovel in site to clear a path. However a little used street by the public, but a favourite for council workers to park their car, was attended by 8 staff who cleared the path and a bit road so they could get their cars out, never mind the pensioners trapped because they were too lazy to do that.

Jesmond would be an area that I suspect got more than its fair share of grit, workers, and even the army to help clear their paths & roads, god forbid they see a piece of ice and have to stay indoors!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

North East England History

I haven't been on here much over the past few weeks, I haven't had time for much really as I have been creating a Historical map for the North East.

The map shows various Historical points & points of interest in the North East of England.

Places such as the Tyne Bridge, Central Station & Segendum are listed on there.

The North East Map can be found on the site.

It will of course grow over time, adding more & more places and more features along the way.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recycling - the truth

While Council Tax is about 10p lower than other areas, Newcastle Council seem happy to charge us to collect our Recycling and even happier to sell the Aluminium on for a profit.

Yes the cans we put out for rubbish are being sold on for a total profit by Newcastle Council, the Liberal Democrats tell us they want to save the planet by recycling but in truth they want to con us out of money.

Instead of putting cans out for collection, get all those cans together and get the paint off, then melt them down and sell the scrap on eBay and get a good amount back.

Liberal Democrats talking about Spin

Greg Stone has said the 2 Labour MP's (Nick Brown & Jim Cousins) are using 'Spin' when talking about the Post Office closures!

Now if thats not the Pot calling the Kettle black I do not know what is, the Liberals have claimed they are winning the war on several issues while the residents are constantly complaining about the opposite happening.

If we are to listen to Psdallidas then he left his position to concentrate on his job etc, but the truth is he was pushed to make way for Greg Stone who is desperate for attention, this is the man with about 15 jobs ontop of Councillor work.

The truth is the Liberal Democrats are desperate for money, they lie to our face so when the General Election comes around they can show us what they wrote in Newsletters, what it doesnt say is how many complaints they get over those lies.

I agree that some Post Offices should not close but they fought for Heaton Road to stay open, but it is a 5 min bus ride to the next Post Office or a 5 minute walk for an able bodied person. Its scaremongering by them, they will do anything to get in power to collect wages.

If the Liberal Democrats get into power in Newcastle it will be a very sorry day, they get the ideas off the Newcastle Labour party on how to run Newcastle and then wait months before implementing them so they can claim them as their own.